/ What's Art Shuttle?

We set up the service as a dedicated fine art courier to give London's galleries, framers and art collectors an alternative to a standard 'courier' service.  This way you get experienced art handlers who know how to get artworks across London quickly and safely.  Art Shuttle is an innovative service set up by Gallery Support Group offering up to six vans per day across London.



/ How many artworks can I send ?

Basically, whatever fits into a 3.5 ton Luton van which is 4 metres long x 2 meters wide x 2.35 meters tall.



/ Are there size or weight limits ?

See sizes above.  We don't use tail lifts because those just loose carrying weight in the vehicle.  This means you can take advantage of the full 1000kgs carrying capacity available on the vehicle.  Do bear in mind though that you only get two art handlers with the van so they must be able to lift your items safely into the vehicle too.


/ Do you deliver Same day ?

Yes.  We prefer to collect and deliver straight away as dedicated routes.  However our handlers only work up until 5pm normally so late bookings would likely have to be moved to the next day.


/ How do you train you art Handlers ?

Our motto is Art and Only Art for a good reason - we do nothing else. All our art handlers are tested rigorously to the standards of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and retested regularly to ensure we deliver the highest standards at all times.


/ Are there any other Costs ?

It depends how prepared you are.  Art Shuttle is most effective if you have the work ready and wrapped to be collected and it can be done easily within fifteen minutes of the Shuttle arriving. If you have a large body of works and things are a bit more complex such as distances between your work and the Shuttle then you may incur additional costs. Here is what you get with your basic quotation:


15 minutes loading inclusive

15 minutes offloading inclusive


Additional loading/offloading time will cost £1.00 + vat per minute

ArtiCheck charged at £5.00 + vat per artwork if artworks are handed out to us unwrapped

Insurance can be arranged by us and will be quoted upon request



/ What About Insurance ?

Yes, this can be organised in advance based on the declared value.  Please allow 24 (working) hours notice to supply a quotation


/ Can I pay  online ?

Not at the moment.  You still have to open an account.


/ How do I open an Account with you ?

Just email leanne@gallerysupportgroup.com and request your account form today or call us on 0203 053 0753





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